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IncubateIND is India's largest and fastest-growing community of technology innovators including startups, working professionals, freelancers, and student innovators.

Our Hackathon Platform heeds to the need of 100s of Hackathon organizers. The robustness and flexibility of our platform has helped Corporates in the past to host hackathons like Code for the future (Microsoft) , MS Hack (Microsoft) , Vistara Hackathon (Vistara) , Code Innovation Series (Github) , Ideathon (MMA Global) , Dishathon (DishTV) , Green Charcoal Hackathon (NTPC) and many more…

As well as numerous of our Hackathon initiatives like OneHack (20+ country Hackathon).

We have recently opened up our Hackathon Platform for community hackathons to help them organize and execute hackathons seamlessly without facing the issues that they face usually. Whether it is registration, team formation, idea submissions, shortlisting, evaluations, communication, winner announcements, partner sponsors, we have got everything covered for you.

You have got a Hackathon to host?

One platform for all your Hackathon requirements - IncubateIND Hackathon Platform

Where to start from? While creating a Hackathon, you would require a website, and a registration form to start with.

Create your Hackathon microsite within 5 minutes and get ready to roll with registrations, using our 3-Step Hackathon creation process.

Modify and change your content on the Hackathon page as many times as you wish to.

With IncubateIND Hackathon Platform enjoy:

3-Step Hackathon Creation:
We have created a simple 3 step process to create your hackathon. You can get ready with your hackathon website and registration process in merely less than 5 minutes. You just need to have the basic information handy and you are all set to launch your first hackathon with IncubateIND.

"Create Hackathon in few simple steps"

"Live Edit"

Seamless Registration:
The traditional lengthy process of registration is an age-old process. We bring to you a simplified registration process and team formation for a seamless experience and detailed data capture. Participants can join or add their teammate with just a single click.

"Individual Registration Process"

"Team Formation"

Dynamic Dashboard:
A dynamic dashboard to view all the details of your hackathon. You don't need to switch to different excels or applications to look at your registrations, submissions, and teams. Get all the information at your admin dashboard and view all the information in a single place.

"Dynamic Dashboard"

"Idea Submission"

Vibrant Statistics:
Get a detailed view of the statistics for your hackathon including page views, registrations, submissions, and other important information. You get to see the demographical, geographical, challenge-wise, gender-wise segregation of your participants on one single page.

"Demographical Statistic"

"Always stay updated with participants every moves"

Inbuilt Communication Channel:
The most important part of the hackathon is communication with your participants and we have got an inbuilt email communication channel for your hackathon. You can send all the hackathon-related information to your registered participants with just a single click.

"Broadcast Messages"

"Communicate with teams"

For College / Community:

Innovation is led by the youth in India, and we strive to boost the innovation culture through our platform. This can only be done by empowering student developers in India by enabling them to build engaged communities, at scale. We are happy to provide the platform at no cost to student-led hackathons and community-led hackathons to help grow the innovation culture among students and communities. IncubateIND will bring with it the best names in the industry who not only offer mentorship and support to the hackers but exciting rewards and swags to incentivize them to build on cutting-edge technology.

For queries reach out to hack@incubateind.com

Organise your own college / community hackathon

For Businesses:

Businesses which are interested in hosting their challenge on our platform can reach out to us at - info@incubateind.com

Organise your own corporate hackathon

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