About Us

By providing a space for the next generation of explorers to discover, create, and work together to achieve collective goals and pursue shared ambitions, IncubateIND provides fertile ground for networking and teamwork. We work on solving world’s greatest problems through technology driven community of entrepreneurs, student and government. IncubateIND will be an educational experience for participants of all levels. We will have various workshops like Educational, Drone, health, bots, cyber security etc. from which participants can learn entirely new skills or platforms, and many mentors who will be able to share their knowledge acquired with years of experience. IncubateIND provides a central platform for all generations of explorers to discover, build and work together to solve world’s greatest problems through technology.

Our Team

Rohit Sardana

Rohit is a media sales professional with over 15 years of experience. Rohit is also an active
member of Indian startup ecosystem with a deep interest in entrepreneurship.

Punit Jain

Punit's fascination towards technology led him to launch IncubateInd for young engineers.He believes that the even of largest of problems can be solved by right use of technology.

Samkit Sharma

Samkit is a Technology lover and Start-Up enthusiast. He aims to provide innovative and sustainable tech solutions to complex problems. He co-founded IncubateIND with the same vision.

Siddhant S Goral

Design Thinking Manager
Siddhant is visual artist and a web designer. He has worked in-house and remotely on many project. User Experience and problem solving are central everything he do.

Azkar Ud-din Khan

Marketing and Communication Manager
Azkar Uddin Khan has about 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing.He was earlier associated with BW Businessworld Media Pvt. Ltd. And has worked closely in the startup ecosystem.

Kaushik Roy

Principal Architect
Kaushik is prominently a Java developer with hands-on experience in IoT and equipped with quite a diverse tech stack aiding him to easily manage development cycle. A rational person, with intriguing and inquisitive nature.

Hitesh Subnani

Technical Architect
Hitesh Subnani is a Data Scientist and Full Stack Developer, Skilled in Python, javascript, Nodejs, and HTML. He believes in "Learning with Failure". He likes to encourage people and believes in sharing of knowledge with others.

Pratik Verma

Senior Manager UI/UX
Pratik's been a designer for quite a time now.
He's a frontend developer with a bucket full of tech stack and is aquainted with a multitude of design tools.